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Brace Order Form

NON-Custom Brace Order Form

After talking with your physician we are happy to help you with your bracing needs.  If you are are needing to request a custom brace please contact a sales representative in your area, you can find our Sales Rep information on our Contact Us page.

The following form is for all non-custom knee braces.  Please fill out this form to the best of your ability and a Sales rep will contact you with any questions.  After you submit the form we will contact you on a pick up date and personal fitting.

Patient Name:: *
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Patient's Height: *
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Doctor:: *
 Which Knee will you need the brace(s) for?

6 inches UP from center of Knee Cap: *
3 inches UP from Center of Knee Cap: *
6 inches DOWN from center of Knee Cap: *
3 inches DOWN from center of Knee Cap: *
Length around the knee through the middle of the knee cap: *
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